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My Therapist Fired Me: Managing Therapy Heartbreak

my therapist fired me

Getting fired sucks. But usually, we associate that with a job. Unfortunately, there are times that your therapist also “fires” you. This post explores some of the reasons your therapist might fire you, how I’ve dealt with situations like these, and what to do next. Reasons for Termination There are many reasons your therapist might […]

The Place of Politics in Therapy

Politics and religion. These two things have the potential to derail any conversation. And therefore, you shy away from discussing these topics in most situations. But you should feel safe enough to discuss politics in therapy when that matters to you. Therapy and the Blank Slate Therapy had it’s beginnings in the work of Sigmund […]

How to Pick a Therapist for PTSD

pick a therapist

Finding a therapist is almost as hard as finding a doctor. Except most people will see their therapist much more often. Therefore, finding the right combination of personality, skill, and affordability can seem impossible. Keep the following tips in mind when you pick a therapist for PTSD. Ask About Certifications and Experience A quick glance […]