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Save a Life: Learn to Safety Plan

safety plan

When you or a friend are thinking of suicide, fear is a natural reaction. The fear makes it difficult to think of a good approach. As a result, people often rely on 911 and emergency rooms to help. This isn’t always the best response though. This post will help you figure out when to create […]

What Causes Addiction: Its Not A Moral Failing

what causes addiction

For years, society looked at addiction as a moral failing. If you used drugs or drank too much alcohol, you were making a bad choice. Of course, this outlook brings with it a lot of shame. This view argues that there is something wrong with you if you’ve made the choice to use drugs or […]

What Is Trauma? Its Not What You Think

what is trauma

When you ask a first responder about trauma, they would describe a physical injury. And they are right. Physical injuries, such as a gun shot wound or those from a car accident, are traumas. Medical professionals are looking at trauma by its effect on body structures. But mental health professionals usually speak of trauma in […]

What Is EMDR Therapy – FAQs

what is emdr therapy

EMDR is an evidence based treatment to help traumatic memories. This approach to treatment allows people to get relief with minimal talking about the trauma.