ACEs: 10 Things That Will Haunt You

ACEs Adverse Childhood Events

What happened in your childhood? We like to believe that the past is the past. But when it comes to ACEs, that isn’t always true. Warning, this post may be triggering to some readers. What Are ACEs? ACEs stand for adverse childhood events. These are a collection of 10 difficulties that researchers found increased a […]

What Is Trauma? Its Not What You Think

what is trauma

When you ask a first responder about trauma, they would describe a physical injury. And they are right. Physical injuries, such as a gun shot wound or those from a car accident, are traumas. Medical professionals are looking at trauma by its effect on body structures. But mental health professionals usually speak of trauma in […]

What Is EMDR Therapy – FAQs

what is emdr therapy

EMDR is an evidence based treatment to help traumatic memories. This approach to treatment allows people to get relief with minimal talking about the trauma.