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group trauma therapy

Group Trauma Therapy

Session Cost: $40-$70

Session Length: 1 - 2 Hours

When you’re in the middle of struggling with your trauma symptoms, the sleeplessness, trouble with relationships, etc, it feels like finding therapy that you can afford and is actually helpful is impossible. Group trauma therapy fills this need for people who just can’t afford individual sessions or people who prefer to have connections with other people going through similar experiences. To this end, Earthsong Counseling offers two different types of groups at this time: Yoga for Trauma and Seeking Safety.

Yoga for Trauma

Earthsong Counseling’s Yoga for Trauma group combines 45 minutes of yoga with 45 minutes of group processing time (total group time of 2 hours). First, each group starts with simple yoga poses and techniques which help you release the trauma stored in your body. The yoga experience focuses on releasing trauma. Therefore, individuals of any skill level can benefit, even though the class uses beginner poses.

After the 45 minute yoga experience, group members can choose to stay in the resting pose (savasanah) for 15 minutes or they can take a break. After this 15 minute rest/break period, the group will convene for processing. This time allows group members to talk about what came up for them during the experience.

Group members should allow 2 hours each week for this group. The group allows new members to join so long as there is space in the group. The group anticipates starting in Summer 2024. Additionally, each Yoga for Trauma session will cost $70.

Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety helps people with trauma, substance use problems, or both. Each session starts with a check in and a quote. Then, the focus switches to talking about a specific topic following the Seeking Safety curriculum. This curriculum teaches you how to feel safe in your relationships, your actions, and your thinking. The group focuses on the present, so there is no need to talk about the distressing things you have experienced in the past.

Seeking Safety sessions accommodate only 8 clients per group. Because this is a closed group, new clients will not be added to the group as it goes on. However, new groups may be started as interest arises. Each Seeking Safety session is scheduled for 1.5 hour, with sessions lasting between 80 minutes and 90 hour depending on group discussion. Seeking Safety sessions cost $40. 

Intake Process for Group Therapy

If you are interested in joining one of these online groups, the first step is to have a consultation to see if the therapist is a good fit for your personality. Please let the therapist know you are interested in online group trauma counseling at that time. Following the consultation, your therapist will have you fill out an interest form. This form serves as a screening to determine if you are appropriate for a particular group.

If the therapist determines you are appropriate for the group, you will be invited to complete a portal, including consents and other paperwork. You will also then need to schedule an intake session. The group intake session costs $60 and is just you and the therapist.

Future Groups

Earthsong Counseling values innovation and is always looking out for new ideas. In the future we may add new group types, including gaming based groups. Please check back or follow us on social media to get updates!