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What’s Wrong With Me? Understanding Anxiety

understanding anxiety, what's wrong with me, woman feeling anxious

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s easy to ask, “what’s wrong with me?” It feels like the emotions and body sensations you feel when you’re anxious are abnormal. And if they’re abnormal, that must mean there’s something wrong with you. But what if everything you’re feeling was completely normal? This blog post gives you all the […]

Healing Compassion Fatigue: When You Just Don’t Care

healing compassion fatigue

Our last blog post talked about what compassion fatigue is and how it compares to PTSD and burnout. It did not, however, answer questions about how you heal from it. Instead, this post will explore 5 tips for healing compassion fatigue. These tips can be used in addition to counseling. And some people can even heal compassion […]

What Is Compassion Fatigue? A Helpers Injury

what is compassion fatigue

Self-care discussions for helping professions frequently involve terms like burnout and compassion fatigue. Sometimes, these discussions imply that these terms are interchangable. But are they really? Previous blog posts have explored burnout. But what is compassion fatigue? Keep reading to learn about compassion fatigue and how it relates to burnout and PTSD. What Is Compassion […]

5 Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, deciding where to go for treatment is difficult. There are so many different levels of care, and you don’t really know which one is best for you without some help. Keep this information in mind when looking at your options for drug and alcohol treatment. Options for Drug […]

How to Fix Burnout: Finding Resilience

how to fix burnout

Burnout wipes out all your energy. It makes you question if you can even do your job anymore. But it doesn’t just affect your work. It also affects your everyday life. You can’t seem to enjoy anything and your irritability is threatening your relationships. Nothing seems right anymore. You just want your life to be […]

COVID Burnout: A Plague On the Frontlines

covid burnout

While COVID 19 spreads through our communities, something more insidious spreads through those expected to care for those communities. COVID burnout is spreading through schools, hospitals, and other front line agencies. The burnout crisis continues rising and threatens your ability to maintain the high standards expected in helping professions. COVID Burnout Doesn’t Discriminate Burnout is […]