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online counseling in texas

Work-Life Balance

Online counseling helps you leave work at work so you can enjoy your time at home. Understand your own boundaries and how much you can work without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

online counseling in texas

Adequate Rest

Get a good night sleep by managing all the thoughts that repeatedly run through your head. Stop thinking about the people you help and start feeling relaxation. 

online counseling in texas

Meaningful Connections

Learn how to get the support you need from the people you most want to support you. Create meaningful connections with people who truly care about you.

Hi. I’m Regina Stiffler, LPC. I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome to Earthsong Counseling, PLLC!

Work is a shit show that leaves you worn out and frustrated. You are called a hero one day. Then, you are downright disrespected the next. Support from your bosses and the public seems like a thing of the past. And you are so fucking tired. It seems like your time is split between working, getting ready for work, or recovering from work. 

As for your personal life…. What’s that?? You don’t really enjoy anything anymore. Wine, food, Netflix, or video games are your go-to activities to numb yourself to sleep. Otherwise, you might never stop thinking. And your friends or partner? They don’t really get it. You really just feel alone.

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But you don't have to live like that!

Imagine… you don’t dread going to work anymore. You can leave work at work, and you actually feel fulfilled by helping others again. Sleep might not always come easy, but you’re usually able to wake up feeling refreshed. And you’re not exhausted all the time. Finally, your relationships are actually supportive again. You feel like people listen and really get you again.

You bust your ass to help everyone else. It's time to let me help you.

Together, we’ll find the things that bring you your own peace and comfort again. We can quiet any memories that keep you awake at night and help you figure out how to feel less anxious as you go about your day. And you’ll build the resilience and support you need to get through the shitty points in your life.

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Therapies & Treatments

If memories of the past won’t leave you alone and you want to work one on one with a therapist, individual online trauma therapy might be right for you. 

You enjoy the support of people in similar situations to you and you’d like to learn how to manage the effects of the past. If this is you, group trauma therapy might be right for you.

Sadness and anxiety have been keeping you down. You’re looking for support and coping skills. Talk therapy might be right for you if you’re looking to work with a therapist one on one.

The past keeps sneaking up on you, but you don’t really want to talk about it. Online EMDR therapy can help put those memories to rest so you don’t get triggered by every reminder.


What Clients Say

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All sessions are confidential and information is protected.

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Learn how to make mindfulness work for you.

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Receive a response to all communication within 48 hours.


We combine lived experience and education to reach goals.

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We track outcomes to ensure what we are doing is working.


We take a flexible approach to therapy. You are the guide.

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