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About Earthsong Counseling

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Helping Women in Helping Professions Find Peace

You’re feeling depressed, anxious, and exhausted. You’ve spent your career helping other people, but now that you need help for yourself, you don’t know where to turn. The people around you say they want to support you, but they don’t always show it. And you are starting to think you need help from a professional. Earthsong Counseling is here to help.

Our Values

At Earthsong Counseling, we believe the following:

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Black Lives Matter
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Love is Love
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Science is Real
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Human's Aren't Illegal

Our Mission

We commit to creating collaborative relationships with women in helping professions. Through education, compassionate listening, and self-regulation, we help these helpers find peace and comfort in their lives again. We achieve this through individual therapy, group therapy, and educational Internet offerings.

Our Company Culture

Authenticity: We are committed to being our authentic selves in all aspects of the business. We will be real people in our marketing messages, educational offerings, and therapy sessions.

Balance: We work to help our clients find balance in their lives. We also value that same balance in our own lives. Therefore, we use lower caseloads and time off to ensure we are fresh for our clients when we are working.

Collaboration: We believe that therapy is not something we do to our clients. Instead, we collaborate with our clients to find techniques and modalities that work for their needs. We work together on all aspects of therapy, from treatment planning to decisions about discharge.

Contribution: We believe in contributing to the good of society. Therefore, we commit to using a sliding scale to allow us to contribute to those in need. 

Empowerment: We act to empower our clients. As such, we support them in making their own decisions rather than making decisions for them. This extends to the therapy relationship through empowerment about treatment options, such as frequency, session length, and decisions about ending therapy. 

Flexibility: We offer our clients flexibility, whether it is flexibility in the therapy room or allowing clients to reschedule appointments to avoid cancellation fees. 

Green: Earthsong Counseling values the environment, and we commit to keeping our practice green whenever possible. This includes keeping our practice paperless and selecting green venders when appropriate. 

Integrity: We do all things with integrity. Whether it’s setting fees or repairing ruptures in the therapeutic alliance, we will act with the interests of real people in mind.

Order: We believe that organization, consistency, and stability are important, not just for clients, but also for our own wellbeing. 

Creating Connections

Trauma teaches you that you can’t trust other people. It doesn’t matter if it is your romantic partner or your mailman. You can’t 100% invest yourself without risking getting hurt. Of course, you also feel alone because you recognize you’re different. You don’t relate to other people the same way. 

Earthsong Counseling aims to help you create connections in two ways. First, we help take away some of the isolation you feel because of your symptoms. We teach you that what you’re experiencing is normal. Further, we teach that so many other people are going through similar experiences to yours.

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Next, we help you create real connections with people that support you. In addition to your therapist, you also have the opportunity to connect with others through group therapy. We can help you learn how to speak for yourself in your personal relationships. This helps you get the support that you need from the people you have around you.

How Earthsong Counseling Fights Mental Health Stigma

Earthsong Counseling takes an active approach to fighting mental health stigma. Through our social media posts, Twitch streams, and other activities, we work to give helpful information about managing mental health. We also share our own experiences and experiences of other helpers to normalize talking about mental health and how our jobs can affect us.

Treatment That Puts You First

Whenever possible, Earthsong Counseling practices in a way that values relationships over money. While we must charge for our services, we’ve made the decision to accept insurance to increase accessibility. We also show this through our cancelation policy which allows for illness and other last minute things without being subject to a huge fee.