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Earthsong Counseling FAQs

earthsong counseling faq
Why Choose Earthsong Counseling

Therapy without leaving home

Earthsong Counseling helps women who identify as helpers, nerds, or misfits find peace and comfort in their lives. We do this by offering online therapy to address the feelings of anxiety, depression, and burnout that are common for people in these communities. Schedule a free consultation today to see how this will work for you.


Frequently Asked Questions - Fees

Earthsong Counseling believes in being transparent about our therapy rates. Therefore, we strive to be affordable while still keeping our caseload low (which allows our clients to have more flexibility in scheduling and reducing therapist burnout). As such, our rates are as follows:

Session rates vary by length, including $70 for 25 minute sessions, $140 for 45 minute sessions, and $160 for 55 minute sessions. Extended 90 minute sessions are available, especially for clients doing EMDR therapy. These extended sessions cost $230. Finally, your intake session is $170 due to the extra documentation demands of these sessions. Additionally, we price group sessions according to the type of group. We offer a sliding scale for those without insurance coverage. These sliding scale slots are limited.

At this time, we are able to accept clients using in network benefits with Friday Health Plans, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Oxford, Oscar Health, and UMR. Unfortunately, you must reside in Texas for us to bill in network insurance. However, we will explore options for adding insurance coverage in Maryland.

At this point in time, we cannot accept in-network benefits for BCBS. We do have options for making it easy to get reimbursed for using your out-of-network benefits though. Talk to us about insurance during your free consult so that we can plan accordingly.

Insurance is great for reducing the cost of therapy. However, before you use your benefits, evaluate whether it is truly helpful for you to use those benefits. 

Using your insurance allows your insurance company to dictate certain aspects of your treatment, such as length of treatment, frequency, etc. Insurance also requires a diagnosis, which can create issues for you later on. 

For example, your insurance company may refuse to pay for EMDR therapy unless you have a diagnosis of PTSD. They may also decide that you cannot have two sessions a week or 90 minute sessions. Further, insurance involves around medical necessity. And if you’re showing progress, they may decide to stop paying because you’ve “completed therapy.”

Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Started

First, you schedule a free consultation! This brief chat helps you decide if Regina is a good fit as your therapist. However, this consultation is not a replacement for counseling. After your free consultation, you will either be offered to schedule an intake or you will be offered alternatives. 

After your consultation, you will receive an invitation to set up your portal. Inside this portal, you will sign your consents and complete a pre-intake survey. It is helpful to complete these before your intake. Otherwise, we will need to take time during your session to sign the forms and go over all the extra details.

Your intake session typically takes anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. It can seem pretty boring and feel less personal than other sessions will. During this session, your therapist will review some of the most important policies and things you need to know to make the most of counseling. Your therapist will also start her assessment process. Some of the questions are very personal, but it helps if you answer as honestly as possible. 

After you have your intake session, your therapist will talk to you about next steps. That is, she will ask for your help in deciding where to go next. While some people choose to attend counseling to just have a little extra support, other people are very goal focused and want specific goals to shoot for. Earthsong Counseling can accommodate both types of people. Your therapist will also talk to you about whether any special treatments might be helpful, such as EMDR or group therapy.

To join your session, you just have to click the link from your reminder email or text. Your therapist uses Google Meet for sessions. Therefore, if you’re using a phone, you may need to download the app before joining. Remember, the link may be different each session, so always click the link for that session’s reminder. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Other Stuff

If you are looking for face to face therapy, you may benefit more from checking Psychology Today or another therapy directory to search for a therapist near you. Earthsong Counseling does not provide face to face therapy. Unfortunately, we do not have a physical office for clients to visit. 

Unfortunately, this is a more difficult question to answer. Each person’s treatment is different. Therefore, the length of time you will be in therapy will be specific to you. 

Additionally, Earthsong Counseling practices under the idea that the relationship between you and your therapist is the most important part of therapy. This attachment matters, especially if you’ve experienced trauma. Therefore, some people choose to stay in therapy for longer periods of time than others. 

You and your therapist make the decision to end therapy together. The aim is to make it a comfortable transition without yanking your therapist away from you. However, there are certain situations in which the therapy relationship ends without your consent. These situations involve assaultive behavior towards your therapist or refusal to pay your therapy bill. We will review these situations more clearly in your intake.


Often, when you go to therapy, you’re asked to give a detailed account things you don’t usually talk about right in your intake session. Many people don’t handle this well. And often, people leave feeling worse than before they came in. That’s not necessary or helpful.