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Individual Online Trauma Therapy

Session Cost: $70-$230

Session Length: 25 - 90 Minutes

You feel broken. No matter how many times you have tried to “heal” in the past, something happens. Your efforts fall apart and you are back to square one. But you’re exhausted and your body is tense. You just want to start feeling better. Earthsong Counseling offers individual online trauma therapy for those clients who may not want to try EMDR but want to work with a therapist with an understanding of how trauma actually works.

Offering Choices and Empowerment

Individual online trauma therapy at Earthsong Counseling is about offering you choices. From choices about which screenings you’ll take to choices about session length and types of treatment. You are empowered to make the choices that are best for your life and your treatment. If you would prefer to see your therapist multiple times a week, that is okay. If you would prefer to start out seeing her every other week, that is fine too.

Earthsong Counseling believes that empowering you to make decisions in therapy is healing. In many other therapy settings, you have little control over what happens. You go to a therapist, they tell you what’s best for you, and when things don’t work out well, you are labeled “resistant” or “borderline.” This can be very triggering!

Follow Your Timeline

You have your own timeline for trusting people. Therefore, Earthsong Counseling doesn’t put expectations as far as when you’ll start talking about the most important things in your life. You can build trust over whatever time period you need to. And if that means that we spend months or years talking about how things have gone in your week, that’s okay.

Earthsong Counseling also follows your timeline when it comes to discharge planning. Some clients feel abandoned when the therapy relationship ends, even when they’ve met all their goals and the therapist has prepared them for discharge. It can still be an abrupt end, and without having your therapist in your life anymore, it can feel like they’ve been ripped away from you. Therefore, Earthsong Counseling allows clients to decide how they want to end the relationship. If clients prefer to continue seeing their therapist on a quarterly or even yearly basis, just to continue to check in, we are okay with that. The therapeutic relationship is the primary focus, and abruptly ending therapy can rupture that.

Tell Your Story

When it comes time for you to reprocess your experiences, your therapist can offer you several methods to do so. These include Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and others. Each of these options helps you tell your story which is an important step towards healing. Your therapist can explain the benefits of each and help you decide the best way for you to tell your story. And your therapist will help you manage your emotions throughout the experience. You don’t have to tell your story alone.

Individual Online Trauma Therapy

The best way to start individual online trauma therapy with Earthsong Counseling is with a free consultation. Ask the therapist your questions to get a feel for her personality. Then you can decide if she’s the right therapist for you. Individual online trauma therapy sessions range from 25 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your preferences, with costs ranging from $70 to $230. The intake session is $170.