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Drinking Problems: 5 Signs It’s time for Change

drinking problem

For decades, the idea of alcoholism being a “moral failing” persisted. According to this view, if you drink too much, there must be something wrong with you. This antiquated view creates a lot of shame, and it tends to encourage people to avoid looking at their relationship with alcohol in more realistic terms. This blog […]

5 Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, deciding where to go for treatment is difficult. There are so many different levels of care, and you don’t really know which one is best for you without some help. Keep this information in mind when looking at your options for drug and alcohol treatment. Options for Drug […]

Building a Successful Relapse Prevention Plan

relapse prevention plan

Quitting alcohol or other drugs is hard. Relying on willpower alone sets you up to relapse. But that’s not because you’re not strong enough. Instead, there are outside factors driving you to falter. A relapse prevention plan helps you face those things so you don’t have to rely on willpower alone. This blog will help […]

What Causes Addiction: Its Not A Moral Failing

what causes addiction

For years, society looked at addiction as a moral failing. If you used drugs or drank too much alcohol, you were making a bad choice. Of course, this outlook brings with it a lot of shame. This view argues that there is something wrong with you if you’ve made the choice to use drugs or […]