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Save a Life: Learn to Safety Plan

safety plan

When you or a friend are thinking of suicide, fear is a natural reaction. The fear makes it difficult to think of a good approach. As a result, people often rely on 911 and emergency rooms to help. This isn’t always the best response though. This post will help you figure out when to create […]

Understanding Suicide: 5 Red Flags

understanding suicide

Suicide carries intense stigma for the person who carries it out, and in many areas, it is considered illegal. It is, in a sense, a murder in which there is no one to pursue and no justice to serve. How, then, can anyone still attempt to die by suicide? This post will help you in […]

What’s Wrong With Me? Understanding Anxiety

understanding anxiety, what's wrong with me, woman feeling anxious

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s easy to ask, “what’s wrong with me?” It feels like the emotions and body sensations you feel when you’re anxious are abnormal. And if they’re abnormal, that must mean there’s something wrong with you. But what if everything you’re feeling was completely normal? This blog post gives you all the […]

How to Pick a Therapist for PTSD

pick a therapist

Finding a therapist is almost as hard as finding a doctor. Except most people will see their therapist much more often. Therefore, finding the right combination of personality, skill, and affordability can seem impossible. Keep the following tips in mind when you pick a therapist for PTSD. Ask About Certifications and Experience A quick glance […]

What Is EMDR Therapy – FAQs

what is emdr therapy

EMDR is an evidence based treatment to help traumatic memories. This approach to treatment allows people to get relief with minimal talking about the trauma.