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What’s Wrong With Me? Understanding Anxiety

understanding anxiety, what's wrong with me, woman feeling anxious

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s easy to ask, “what’s wrong with me?” It feels like the emotions and body sensations you feel when you’re anxious are abnormal. And if they’re abnormal, that must mean there’s something wrong with you. But what if everything you’re feeling was completely normal? This blog post gives you all the […]

What Causes Addiction: Its Not A Moral Failing

what causes addiction

For years, society looked at addiction as a moral failing. If you used drugs or drank too much alcohol, you were making a bad choice. Of course, this outlook brings with it a lot of shame. This view argues that there is something wrong with you if you’ve made the choice to use drugs or […]

Toxic Gaming Communities and Their Impact

toxic gaming

Many gaming communities are plagued with toxic gamers. This toxicity ranges from screaming at players to “get good” to flat out telling a gamer to “just go kill yourself.”

What Is EMDR Therapy – FAQs

what is emdr therapy

EMDR is an evidence based treatment to help traumatic memories. This approach to treatment allows people to get relief with minimal talking about the trauma.